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Started by kathleen, June 06, 2010, 06:32:02 AM

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Last night I managed to stuff down most of "Monster-in-Law."  Still fairly new to this list, so if there's been a discussion of this before, please forgive me.

I had seen glimpses of it before but always turned it off because it was so ridiculous, violent, and not even funny at all.  Now that I'm on this list I thought I should try to stomach the whole ugly thing.  I read somewhere that Jane Fonda, who plays the one-note Violet "mother-in-law" attempting to control every aspect of Jennifer Lopez's life and coming marriage to her son (as if anyone could ever control J-Lo,) made this movie to make money for one of her causes.  Maybe she could take up the cause of mother-in-laws being cut off by their DIL's and open a counseling center with some of the big bucks she made stereotyping, and making worse that stereotype, of MIL's.

This is but one aspect of how MIL's are negatively portrayed in the media.  And how in-law relationships are portrayed.  By the end the two J's are socking each other in physical violence out of frustration of the relationship.  Nothing is realistic or of any quality, including the cheap Hollywood ending that makes NO SENSE ending where they decide they love each other and will relate positively. 

I hated this film, the strident Violet, the wimpy son, and the fuming J-Lo.  I wonder if there is some way to make a formal protest of these images.

Again, it is so ironic that Jane Fonda, who took up so many issues publicly, would be the leader of the cast in this worthless anti-social-conscience production.

For those of who who love your pet dogs, dogs are also portrayed very negatively with some kind of a Doberman being let loose by the DIL to attack Violet.  That was really an awful scene.

Maybe some of you felt differently.  I just had to spout off about it.



I can't say much. I'm a Pollyanna where movies are concerned...(maybe where they aren't?) I watch movies to be entertained in a positive way. I like "happily ever after" and warm fuzzy and issues that are resolved realistically. Has anyone gone to sleep yet reading this?  ;D
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