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Game of Life Ideas
« on: September 26, 2010, 10:25:00 AM »
I have allowed the isolation brought on by my ds/dil to dominate all my thoughts and rob me of my joy.  I have to remember that I have what I believe to be the best dh in the universe and a great sil and fsil and two wonderful dd's of whom one is engaged to be married in late November.  I need to channel my energy on making their wedding and her shower fabulous.
May I draw on your creativity for making her shower be the best it can be?  (I need help in the creativity area for real.  :) )  Since her fiance proposed to her over a game of life, we are making that the theme of the shower.  So far, we are having colorful plates, utensils, napkins like the game of life and the invitation was designed after the game of life (my odd is a graphic designer and it turned out real sweet).  We have some fun games planned and all the food worked out, but if anyone has some ideas that pop in their heads in the line of the Game of Life in those areas, we can always reconsider or add on.
Need some serious help:
  • We are planning to have a cupcake cake - where the cupcakes are all iced over the top to make one big top with a 'game of life' spinner and pie sections with different colors in each (I volunteered to make that).  Any ideas on how to make it look fabulous?  I don't know how to make the arrow spinner or how to make the different pie shaped colors look professional and clean.  I don't want them looking sloppy, uneven, lumpy, whatever.  Any suggestions?
  • Decorations.  Oh, boy!  Besides the plates, napkins, and utensils, I  don't know for sure what else we are going to do.  Maybe we can make a giant banner with something about ydd/fsil and the game of life - any ideas on a saying?  Any ideas on creative 'game of life'/wedding decorations?  I bought some twirly spiral looking decorations that hang from the ceiling, but only 10 foot (they are white) and I have a few wedding bells, white tulle, and translucent white big bows.  Plus I have a bunch of small silk white flowers - don't know what to do with them, though. 
  For favors I bought some decks of cards and sets of dice to fit the theme 'the game of life'.  I down loaded instructions for a card game and a dice game.  I'm putting one of each in party cellophane bags with a bow and a tag on them thanking the guests for attending. 
I know there are some very clever, creative WWU friends reading this and hope someone can jolt this hybernating mind of mine.  I bet some of you already thought of something fun before finishing reading the post.
Thanks for any thoughts or ideas.
Love you all!  Hope