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Their first grandchild

Started by Kinzey, September 17, 2010, 08:03:07 am

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My husband and I found out a week ago that we are expecting our first baby!! We are so happy and my family is thrilled. His parents however are not. Their remark was "You know that there are ways to prevent this sort of thing" I was hoping that this baby could be a way for us to finally have a relationship but I don't think its going to happen. Everytime we have talked to them they say that they are still trying to process the information.
I don't understand what the problem is. We have been married for over a year and we both have good jobs and we have built up a large savings account, we have insurance, so I don't know what is so wrong about us having a baby!
I was hoping that with this being their first grandchild that they would be so happy but it kinda hurts that they are acting like we are a couple of in trouble teenagers instead of two married grown adults. 
This will be my parents fourth granchild and they are really excited for us. I kinda wish his were the same.


Congrats Kinzey!  So happy for you.  His parents are the ones acting immature, not you.  So I say, raspberries to them.  Enjoy your pregnancy and getting to buy all the cute stuff and phooey on them!
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Kinzey?  This is CRAZY!  Poor, Pitiful them!  Losers big time! This is how to ruin a relationship right here.


I agree - it sounds like you're doing things in the right order, and shame on them for attempting to make you feel like you've made a mistake.  They are the ones making the mistake.  If they're "not so excited" about the pregnancy, they'll probably be shocked when you're "not so excited" about your child spending time with them! 

Arrogant people......sigh. 


 Congratulations! Enjoy this sweet time in your lives even if others can't. Their loss.
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They are how they are. That's one thing you can always count on, even though you wish your couldn't. Sending congrats!!
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Don't despair this is a glorious time for you. Be so happy that your husband and you prepared for this.  They just might come around after the baby is born but even if they don't don't let it diminish your happiness.


Kinzey~~Contratulations~~Try not to let "them" ruin your happiness. And just want to add "shame on them"!


Congratulations, Kinzey. I cannot understand your inlaws.  My grandchildren are the lights of my life.   They are missing out on the thrill of being expectant grandparents, its almost like being pregnant without the morning sickness......Jill


I'm good at come-backs (three days later...)

To in laws, smiling..."Well, I'm sure glad you weren't good at "that sort of thing" when my husband was conceived!"
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama


Congratulations Kinzey. :)

It sounds as though both you and DH have got it all together, a happy, loving, and financially stable environment. Its too bad that his parents don't share in everyone else's excitement.  Hopefully someday soon they'll wake up and realize that they are the ones that are missing out.

In the mean time, focus on your upcoming little bundle of joy and spend your time with friends and family who given you their blessing...let the in-laws be on the outside looking n, if that's what they choose, and like Luise said, be glad they weren't good at 'preventing that sort of thing ' .  :)



Congratulations Kenzey

Enjoy this waiting process......a baby on the way......what a joy!   

The timing and circumstances are great.  One year......economic stability...what else is missing.....nothing.    Do not let anything interfere with your happiness. 

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