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Prayers needed for my mom who has Alzheimers and is getting worse fast!

Started by cdb, August 18, 2010, 12:39:09 am

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I drove to my dad's house as fast as was safe today. I knew yesterday, my mom's voice sounded like she had a stroke. I talk to her everyday, even though she doesn't remember that I even call now.  I found out that she has been having some siezures now and packed and left asap. I will see her today (now 2:20am). I will assess her body and the situation. I already talked to the nurse at the assisted living home where there are only 4 residents at about 4,000 a month! She just turned 79 and basically has been healthy. She has fallen 2 times recently and yesterday, her hands clawed up and bended inward and stayed that way for 5 minutes. When I talked to her later on around supper time, she just could say that her left hand hurt bad and her left leg felt funny and hurt. My dad saw her this morning and she was crying and saying she hurt all over. She doesn't remember when we see her anymore etc. but this baffling disease has times when they are as aware as can be! So, those are the times where she still suffers alot! I need prayers too please. I feel in shock. I was just here about a month ago and she wasn't as bad. I love my mom more than any words can say. I have been helping take care of her in this town (2 hours from mine) since they moved back to this state, 5 plus years ago. Last Oct. 14th we put her into this good assited living home. My dad has been healthier since. He has severe and I mean severe heart problems. He has been healthier since she has been in the home.  I knew alzheimers was bad and to expect the unexpectable, but never knew they could have seizzures!! My heart keeps breaking everytime she gets worse.
My daughter is driving here tomorrow with her one month old baby and her other 2 and 1/2 year old so my mom can see them. She starts school soon. This sounds like the daughter that I raised. I will see how this goes. I am sure seeing her grandmother like this has to be difficult too.
Again, any prayers or positive energy sent to Monica, i so very appreciated. I believe in prayers. Pray for her to get healthy fast, have little pain, get more sleep, not fall or havfe any other seizures.
If I don't reply soon, I am busy helping her or sleeping. I hate Alzheimers disease! cdb


cdb, I am thinking of you, and sending prayers and kind thoughts your way.


Thoughts and prayers going up for you, your Mom, Dad and the rest of your family.
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Alzheimers can be such a "crippling' disease for everyone involved.  Its hard to know exactly what to do, because each case is so very different.  I am thinking of you CDB, and praying for strength and emotional healing for you and the rest of your family. 


Thank you all for prayers! She has made an amazing recovery! Only God knows her future. I believe in prayers! cdb