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Mother in Law Swap

Started by AnnieB, September 03, 2009, 02:00:22 pm

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 ;D   I think they should have a Reality Show like Wife Swap (or Spouse Swap, whatever that show is called) called Mother in Law Swap.   

Maybe dealing with someone else's MIL and DIL (opposite personalities) would make dealing with one's own MIL-DIL easier.

Only half kidding, please don't shoot me! :D ;D :D ;)


that would make for interesting show for sure!!


OMGOSH!! That would be hilarious!  The only thing is that the MILs would come across as really stupid and needy and all that stuff we're called.

I wonder if any of the DILSs :D would like the other MILs.  I think a new reality show has been thought of!!!