Author Topic: My husband is our son-in-laws best friend and the bf is jealous of me  (Read 869 times)

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Hello, I am a newlywed.  My husband lived with his daughter and her family and the son-in-law and he became great friends.  Now that we are married and we live in our apt, the SIL seems to have an attitude with me.  He is fine with my husband but is short with me or worse yet, silent. For most of the last 8 months he has been fine has turned.  My husband went through abt 2 months of soul searching due to being depressed and discovered that he too had become dependent on the family more than he had understood.  We talked about it with this family and ever since then this SIL has pulled away from me.  My husband is spending more time with him to help the situation.  He is find with husband but when I show up, he goes to another room or sits ever so quietly UGH!

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Re: My husband is our son-in-laws best friend and the bf is jealous of me
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Welcome, NSWTD! I'm glad you found us. Please read the information highlighted on the page Open Me First regarding our policies, etc. We ask this of all newcomers so we can all be on the page, so to speak :-)

I'm sorry you're going through this. How does your stepdaughter treat you? Grandkids? Your DH's support is probably the biggest help. I hope SIL comes around to accepting you when he realizes his FIL hasn't abandoned his family.
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