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Mothers Day fantasy cruise

Started by Elise, May 01, 2015, 10:36:45 am

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It sounds like there are some very hurting members who are dreading Mothers Day.  A few years ago, didn't Louise start us all on the fantasy cruise (imaginary) where we had a lot of fun?  Maybe we need to do that again this year.  What do you think Louise et al?

I'll start.  Let's agree to depart from Florida and I want a top floor room with a balcony midship.  I will bring all my cute dresses and there will be a tall handsome man who dances like Fred Astaire to fox trot and squire me around the dance floor after dinner.  Of course I am going to wear my high heels, never stumble and they won't even hurt my feet.  I am going to eat all my favorite things, sleep late in the morning and hang out with Louise at the pool in the afternoon.  We are going to laugh hysterically and amuse everyone.


Yes Mam' she did!  And don't forget, we have a private helicopter that can transport us back and forth. :)
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Thanks for not forgetting, you guys. I'm boarding the HMS WWU now to make sure everything is hunky-dory! I have my magical dog with me and we are going to play our Annual Cruise Game. First she becomes a person and my BFF and we hang out...then I become a dog and we are still BFF and hang out! She loves getting to sit up at the table in the first part and then I love to run and play 'dig up the bone' in the second part. All things are possible on this Annual Fantasy Cruise! I especially love it when I get to be the Belle of the Ball at 88! :-)))) I'm sitting out on my private balcony, as I write this. A soft breeze is lifting my hair and kissing my cheek. Ah, life is good!!
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama


Isn't that the same ship that has food with no calories? We've taken this cruise before.. Eat and drink and not gain an ounce..  Fabulous..


Yup, we go every year! :-) No calories, no limitations of any kind...everything we want and nothing we don't want. Cute guys everywhere...darling name it...and it's yours!
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama


ooh this is fun!! I have a grand suite with fresh bouquets of roses everywhere.  A deep spa tub in my room and pastries of all kinds that are calorie-free. A big box of chocolates - only the chewy kind - also no calories. My teeth are beautiful and white and I don't have to worry about the caramels pulling on my crowns. I am thin and look great in my swimsuit , well several new swimsuits, and spend lots of time swimming and sunbathing. I have a beautiful dark blue evening gown with sparklies to wear at the Captain's table for dinner.


I'm ready to veg out. (I've been practicing!) And I want to hug all of you to pieces! Each day (not night) I'm bringing a guy on board from my past...all around age 40 and gorgeous. Of course I am, too! What fun. We're going to catch up and rekindle and smile a lot. Not my 5 husbands in real life. These are the ones that got away, or did I?
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama