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Feel very sad and hurt by my "adult" daughter's behaviour

Started by Patrisha, March 17, 2015, 05:11:01 pm

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I have an "adult" daughter of 26 years of age who only contacts me for money or support advice. She is now pregnant and I am worried that I will never see my new granchild...her attitude is not great towards me, we have had a very difficult relationship over the years and it doesn't seem to have got any better. Am feeling like I should let her go completely and cut her out of my Life as she does to me..I just cant handle the disrespectful way she speaks to me or the lack of appreciation, no affection or care. .I have 2 other grandaughters by two different mother's from my eldest son and neither of them bother to contact me or visit with the children. ..its all very hurtful..any advice please..I am trying to fill up my time outside of work with other interests so that I don't feel so empty but family matters to me..wish it didnt n I wouldn't feel emotional. .


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We learn here that we matter.  Our lives matter and our happiness matters.  Every situation is different and it's hard to tell someone what to do because personalities dictate the outcomes.  What I would advise is do things that makes you happy like you are doing. Start focusing your attention away from her and onto yourself. It takes steps.  Doesn't happen overnight but it will happen that one day you will wake up and realize that you are not thinking about the family dynamics much any more and are instead thinking about things that make your life fun and interesting.
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