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Looking for ....

Started by jdtm, March 10, 2014, 07:26:46 am

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It has been a long and difficult winter in my corner of the world.  The days have been long and dark.  Many friends and family have passed away this winter.  My health and that of my husband is good; however, I feel so blue.  I know that I have so much and I am grateful; however, I feel so blue.  So many need our care and attention; however, I just want to be left "alone".  I feel that we are the "givers" while friends and family are the "takers" (and this is not their fault).  But, we are "worn out".  A holiday is out of the question - I guess I just need to vent.  Perhaps after Lent and Easter comes ....


Hang in there jdtm.  Warmer days of sunshine are looming and the weather is starting to warm some.  Do something for yourself and let others fend for themselves for while.  The power of "no" works wonders.  :)
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Hi J - My heart goes out to you probably because I think I know that place. My guess is that we all get there by different routes and the ways out when we find them are probably pretty varied, too. I just turned 87 yesterday and since my husband died a year ago...I've found a way for me. I had to get away from myself which is no easy trick. I do it walking. I started slowly and on short jaunts...and now it's three miles a day (usually) at a good clip. I picked a tune to sing (silently) to keep my mind busy and I make up lyrics that aren't lyrical that are full of thanks and gratitude about this and that. Sometimes when I leave the house, I don't think I have it in me...and promise myself an early  turnaround if needed...but it never is. What happens is that I breath deeper without thinking about it...get more oxygen into my blood and fill myself with endorphins. When I get home it looks and feels like the world has changed. Sending love...

When I get home...and it never fails...the world hasn't changed but my perspective has. It's an inside job.
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Exercise is supposed to be better than anti-depressants for the blues.  However if the snow is too deep just wade out and hug a tree.  I find hugging something that stands so tall and strong, bends with the winds and has persevered all that mother nature has thrown at it calms me and gives me the strength I need to keep on going. 

If that does not work I recommend recycling therapy.  Our recycling center has big containers for the glass (really big containers like box cars with roofs) and sometimes I deliver my glass at high velocities.  Feels great when I have extra emotions I need to vent. LOL
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My condolences on your losses, Jdtm. You've had a rough go, no doubt about it.

You've probably already thought of this, but many of my friends with Season Affective Disorder (SAD) in the winter months use light boxes that mimic outdoor light. It seems to help. Exercise is a great idea, too. (((Hugs)))
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Thanks so much, ladies.  I guess I was "looking for" - support and understanding. This is a great site!

Luise - I do walk every day, but perhaps, I need an afternoon stroll as well.  And thanks for understanding.
Pooh - You're right - "no" is a word that I need to use oftener (it's the guilt I struggle with).
Stilllearning - Hugging something stronger is a good idea (think I'll choose my husband).
Pen - Thanks for acknowledging our losses - I do forget that I am grieving.