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Chinese Parents Can Sue Their Children If They Don't Visit Enough....Seriously

Started by Keys Girl, April 06, 2013, 04:29:03 pm

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Keys Girl

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Probably not in a country where children can divorce their parents!  :D
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It doesn't sound odd if you look at traditional Chinese culture.  There is NO  Social Security and no saving through 401Ks for retirement.  People depend on their grown son for care and support in their old age.  Women in the Chinese culture leave their families and are responsible for the bulk of the care of her husband's parents.   In addition, limits on families restrict people to having only one child.  This is why baby girls are abandoned and it is boys are most valued... they ARE the Social Security plan.   SO.. If an elderly couple who has expected to be cared for by their grown son.. AND society ALSO expects this son to care for his parents.. and he doesn't.. I can understand giving these seniors the right to sue for it.   What other choices do they have?    It seems very odd and horrible to US... but if you were raised in that culture it would seem reasonable.   

It kind of makes one wonder.... if baby girls are abandoned or aborted... who are all those boys marrying?? 


I certainly wouldn't want my children in my life if I had to take them to court and force them to be in my life!