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Washington "Wilderness"

Started by luise.volta, January 25, 2013, 08:30:05 pm

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My little, ground floor studio HUD unit in the woods is 440 sq ft. My happiest childhood memories are of our summers...spent in our log cabin in the Huron National Forest near Sand Lake, in Michigan. This little spot of mine with windows on one side only is decorated in "Early Log Cabin." LOL! The paintings and prints are of wild life and even wilder scenery. All three walls have drift wood "sculpture" hanging there..."originals" created by Nature. Today I ordered a floor lamp that has two bears climbing up it. I deserve this. It makes me happy.  ;D

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Hi Luise, that sounds like my idea of heaven. I am watching a program on t.v currently, about people living and surviving in log cabins in Montana. As i live in the UK, it is even more exciting to see that kind of scenery. The lamp is lovely. The only thing that would worry me, is when they say if they let their beloved dogs out, they wonder if they will see them again, because of the bears. That would be a hard one for me lol. Homely60


H - Where I live...in a large, 382 resident Retirement Center: www.WarmBeach.org , we can't let our dogs out because Bald Eagles who have nests in our 100 ft. tall evergreens will swoop down and grab them. When white water rafttime, I saw one pick a young mountain goat off a cliff. We see eagles daily. I've seen coyotes on our campus plus deer and raccoon. Squirrels and all kinds of birds abound of course...and we are warned not to walk the trails next door in our Convention Center and Summer Camp in the spring when they come out of hibernation with their cubs. They are very shy and I've never seen one here...but I'm cautious.  ;)

If you go to our Website and click on Community (I think)...you will see a picture of deer in the front yard of a unit like the one Val and I lived in for 10 years. (I'm in a studio now and he's in nursing at age 101. I've taken many such pictures of deer in our yard.

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama

Beth 2011

Hi Ms. Luise,

I am glad to see you're doing well.  I looked at the lamp and it is beautiful and it will go perfect with your cabin in the woods.  :)  I have always wanted to live in a cabin.  Some of my happiest times were when all FOO went to the woods looking for ferns and other plants and riding down those old dirt roads in the back of the truck without a care in the world. 


Awwww...that lamp is so darn cute!

I want to live in a cabin or a tiny bungalow....my retirement home dream.
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Hi Luise.I checked out the Warm Beach site.It looks like  a place every senior would love to live in.I sure would!!xx

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Your bear cub floor lamp is charming and perfect for your little spot on Earth, Luise. I hear the siren song of the Pacific Northwest myself ... maybe one day. Meanwhile I do get some vicarious enjoyment reading about your experiences in the wild (-!)