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My DS came for the holidayts out of the blue!

Started by JaneF, December 25, 2012, 05:15:27 am

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First of all Happy Holidays ladies!  Before my darling grandchildren wake up to see what "Santa" has brought, I thought I'd relay my experiences from yesterday.  Over all it was a good day!  My daughter and her husband arrived the day before safely with my 2 grandsons.  The grandaughter we are raising was glad to see her mom and brothers.  The "adopted" family we invited to spend the day with us ( 2 adults, no kids) and enjoy the food was here.  My oldest DS was not here (flu), but his ex brought my grandson and grandaughter up so I could spend a bit of time with them and give them gifts.  Suddenly out of the blue I notice a text message on my phone from my youngest DS.  He asked what we had planned for the holiday yesterday.  To be honest you could have knocked me over with a feather!  He and DIL have not had anything to do with us for holidays now for several years, as Christmas Eve is reserved for HER family, but then they also are reserved for Christmas Day...well, that left no time at all for DS and his FOO of course.  A day a week before or a week after apparently was a suggestion they did not think would work for them either.  Sooooo, yesterday he asked if we would mind them coming to visit!  Of course since I never see them or hear from them at this time of year, or birthdays, or Easter, or any other day as a matter of fact...I finally gave up even buying gifts for the grandaughters because I now know nothing about them!  What size they wear, movies they like, or toys, music...nothing.  So I had nothing for them.  I called DS and said so, and he shocked me by saying they do not care about gifts, they just wanted to come visit and spend time with family!  I think I bruised my chin when it hit the floor as my mouth hung open from surprise!  lol  But I did manage to have a card and a nice check ready (after they had stayed and visited for a few hours).  It used to be they would come, spend less than half an hour at about bedtime when they could crowd us in, get their loot and away they'd go.  I was not going to be played like that again.  My DS brought his entire family, and I saw the youngest daughter of his (my grandaughter) for the first time in 3 years!  He brought his older daughter as well, my 13 year old grandaughter that just had the baby in September.  The baby is of course beautiful.  She cooed and smiled the entire time much to my delight!  My grandaughter is doing a good job (for a child!) as far as caring for her it appears.  She is nursing her even!  She was clean, dressed appropriately, and chubby and happy!  They all hugged us, and we shared our meal and visited.  My DD is holding out on trusting too much at this point she said.  She wonders if this new behavior will continue as my DS told me it would!  Time will tell I suppose.  He has invited me to a school program in the past month as well though...another good sign.  Well, I see 2 of my grandchildren are creeping around looking for what might be here from Santa!  Time for the day to begin!!!  Have a most joyous day my friends.  We plan to!!!!   J


Jane: That is just a lovely story!  I am so happy you got to see your DS and family.  Best wishes for a happy new year too!
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Yes what a wonderful story.  It's a Christmas Miracle happening.
Good for you and best wishes in the new year.


Thank you so much!  You all would not say I am blessed if you were sitting where I am right now though...my darling ornery 4 year old grandson is playing me a LOVELY song on the recorder (flute) I got him for Christmas!  lol  And he has NO trouble making it loud enough to hear!  But it is precious....so now we are listening to the "Itsy Bitsy Spider", yay!   Blessings to you all.  J


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Wow! "It's a Christmas miracle!" So glad to hear this, Jane.
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I just love to read stories like this.Real Christmas miracles!


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Update.  DS is still communicating with us.  Wow, huh?  I even texted with oldest grandaughter that just turned 14 this past week (the one that had the baby girl in September!).  I have a birthday card and a money gift for her, but was unable to take it to her because the grandaughter I am raising is sick and on antibiotics and did NOT want to risk spreading anything around, especially to new baby great grandaughter!  I am very pleased with the change in things obviously!  Thanks for all of your kind responses ladies.  Blessings to you all.  J


Great news all around, Jane. So pleased for you!
Respect ... is appreciation of the separateness of the other person, of the ways in which he or she is unique.
-- Annie Gottlieb


What wonderful news Jane. I am so happy for you. I hope your GD living with you makes a speedy recovery.
Love Faith xxx