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Trick or Treat

Started by FAFE, October 31, 2012, 11:52:29 am

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Spent a couple of hours this morning with DH and 2 year old granddaughter trick or treating in our small downtown area.  Most of the merchants give out candy, etc..  We had the best time just watching how much she enjoyed everything.  She looked like one of the chick filet cows and everyone thought she was cute as a button.  Of course, we thought she was the cutest one there!  She got to pet a couple of dogs and see lots of other kids dressed up and having a good time.  We took her back to her day care so she could be involved in the Halloween party there.


What fun, F. I live in a large retirement facility. Trick or Treaters come to our Assisted Care unit where the residents who want to participate sit around the parimeter of a large the kids can make the curcuit and get goodies...(which are supplied.) They don't roam the campus proper because many residents aren't able to hear the door bell or answer the door. Others (like me) don't remember what day it is and would feel badly not to be prepared. It's a pretty good solution. Thanks for reminding me! I think I'll go over and join in tonight. :-)
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How sweet!  I love Halloween and enjoy the little ones that come up for candy.  They're all adorable. 

My funny last night:  I went out on the back deck to cover the grill, leaving FDIL to man the candy bowl and I hear a little girl voice coming up the driveway.  She says to someone, "Now, remember.  Put your best smiles on.  The sweeter we look, the more candy we get.  I've been watching."

I died laughing and had to run back in so I could see what child had said that.  FDIL was giving them candy and it was three girls, probably about 10, 8 and 5.  The little 5 year old was beaming and I said, "Wow, with smiles like that FDIL, you should give them double!'  The little one said, "That's what I keep telling them!"

Oh they are sooo smart.
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Pooh, I shared this with my DH.  We both had a great laugh!  That child is gonna go far in life.  We did not have a single trick or treater. 


In years gone by, I bought the treats...ate them all and had to buy more...only to eat all of them, too, when no one came because of our location. (I knew they wouldn't in advance. LOL!) I wanna' say, "You've come a long way, baby!" And pat myself on the back! :-)
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama


Go, Luise!

Neither my boyfriend or I are big fans of people coming to the door, and we discovered that we each have independently developed the tradition over the last few years of going out to a mall to eat dinner and avoid the trick or treaters.  We still people-watched and saw some hilarious and adorable costumes. (One little toddler boy was dressed as a monkey - OMG, cutest. thing. EVER.)  But didn't actually have to interact with anyone besides the waiter and each other.  Introversion FTW!!! ;)
This too shall pass.  All is well.