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Doggie love

Started by Dalmania, September 09, 2012, 10:01:15 pm

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I saw an older post here about the benefit of unconditional animal love and I had to put in my two cents!  It's true!

I have always loved animals, but through a twist of fate, I became a volunteer with two Dalmatian rescues.  There is a rescue for just about any breed of dog and, of course, there are cat rescues, too.

I have met an amazing bunch of (mostly) women, who go out of their way to rescue a dog.  All but one of the precious dogs who found their way into my home have been abused or neglected.  It is an amazing thing to watch a dog with a broken spirit to suddenly realize that they are not going to be beaten any more.  Believe me, they know that they have been rescued!  The unconditional love that they give knows no bounds.  They are always happy to see me, they always want to be next to me and they'd probably lay down theirs lives to protect me.

Whatever love I didn't get in my life, well, all i can say is that the dogs made up for it!  :D


Dalmania, How wonderful and generous of you to be working with rescued animals.  I understand that Dalmatians are very energetic dogs so I'm sure you have your hands full.  Keep up the good work!
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Thank you, Grammie! 

I have a little deaf Dalmatian puppy right now and she is a handful!  I wish I had her energy!   

I also have four seniors.   Most of the ones lately that I have taken are seniors.  Most have settled down and just want some love and a soft bed to lay on (it takes 10  years for Dalmatians to settle down!).   

I can't imagine life without a Dallie in it anymore!


As you can see in the picture to the left of Rosa, my rescue Basenji-Corgi, I am a "dog-person." She was dropped in a high-kill shelter a year ago in April and picked up by NOAH. They checked her carefully for heart worm, etc., spayed her and gave her her shots. Then they put her on their Website. I had just lost my beloved Chihuahua, "Me, Too", who was 13. It was love at first sight. She was only 18 months old, had obviously recently had puppies and was deeply traumatized. She was terrified of children, bigger dogs, men and anyone who had something their hand like a cane. Soon after I got her, she was up on my bed and launched herself off when someone came to the door, herniating two discs. (I didn't know that was something a Corgi was genetically set up for.) She has recovered to some degree and we are both grateful for that. However, she can never do that again. I live in a one-room studio apartment, so it has been coverted to a decor I am calling "Early Dawg."  ;)  During the day my bed is surrounded by light weight room dividers and my much lower end table by the window has a pad tied to the top of it so she can go from my chair to the table to survey her kingdom without slipping. I got rid of my lovely, large, table lamp and now have a little one on the other side of my recliner. Hey, whatever works!  :D

Joke: A woman locked her husband and her dog in the trunk of her car. Seven hours later she opened the lid. Which one was glad to see her? Yup!
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Haha!  So true!

Rosa is a beauty!  So glad to hear that she is doing well after her injury.  I have a friend who has a Corgi and she is the sweetest thing!


I agree.Dogs are great.We have an eleven year old maltepo.He goes everywhere with us.We have had him since he was six weeks old.Got him a few weeks before I lost  YS.I cuddled and cried on that puppy so often.Now my OS just got an American  Cocker.I was not too happy because he is single and works all day.I even went to dogsit the first week.It's working out very well.When he gets home now he isn't alone.On weekends he takes her for walks etc.PS he has been dating a lovely girl for a month.If it doesn't work out with the girl he still has the love of his life which right now is his puppy. ;D

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If I had unlimited funds...that would be on my bucket list.  I would love to buy acres out in the rural country area, build a house that had a wing just for animals and build stuff just for animals to be a foster Mom.  Oh I bet DH would looovvveee that..Lol.
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That's my retirement plan, get some acres and set up a dog rescue :)
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