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Sometimes life is hideously unfair

Started by Kate, September 04, 2012, 10:27:15 pm

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Just got the news that my pregnant DILs lovely mother has breast cancer.  She lives internationally and had intended to come out when the baby came and stay for a few months to help out.  I was delighted to take a back seat for the time that she would be there, so that she and DIL could have that precious time together.  Now it looks like she won't be able to come, and DIL has asked me to come in her place (they live interstate).  While I am happy to help out, my heart just breaks for them. 


This is very sad.  I wish the best for your entire extended family.  Hopefully the other GM will pull through with flying colors and get to spend many years enjoying that little bundle of joy. 


I'm so sorry, I'll be wishing your DILs mother a speedy recovery.
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Thank you.  It's very upsetting for DIL, and indeed for us all.  We are hoping she will be OK, but we will get more news over the next few days.

Now, does anyone know Chinese post birthing rituals?  Being the substitute Chinese grandma, I'm going to have to apply them, so I'm starting my research now.  TG for the www.   


Prayers for your DIL's mom, you are going to be a blessing for her. As far as Chinese post birth rituals, they sound pretty difficult.

http://www.npr.org/2011/07/20/138536998/for-chinese-moms-birth-means-30-days-in-pajamas .


Thank you TMB.  DIL rang last night, her mom has had surgery, and the prognosis is good.  Lots of chemo etc to go, but DIL was able to speak to her so is reassured.  As an aside, the Chinese medical system leaps into action incredibly quickly.

Thank you for the link.  I have found some similar articles and started making notes, and DIL is going to get the list of do's and don'ts from her aunts.  As on the site you found, we are going to have to tweak the no bathing rule, DS and DIL live in a sub tropical climate!  I think I am going to have to build some aromatherapy into the rituals. 


That's a relief, Kate! I've been thinking about you all (((hugs)))
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