Author Topic: A 10+ on the Inspiration Board - From Homeless to Harvard - Dawn Loggins  (Read 772 times)

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If you ever need a lift check out the story of Dawn Loggins, the teenager abandoned by her parents, who worked as a janitor in her high school, at times was homeless, but somehow managed to keep her grades up high enough by doing homework until 2AM and is now admitted to Harvard on a full scholarship!! 

The child of drug addicts (it appears) she has no hostility or bitterness towards them despite the fact that the once moved away while she was out of town and made sure she was unable to contact them and had to fend for herself.

She has set up a new foundation for the homeless and is now giving out advice.

One piece is:  Don't let your circumstances define you"

I think she's 18 years old, but that is one wise woman indeed!


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Inspiring story KG. I like the advice not to let ourselves be defined by our circumstances - am working on that every day now, again.  That young lady has what my mother would have called ' true grit'.

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I have read her story and it is truly inspiring. Thanks for bringing it to WWU. Sending love...
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