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I had to take my DD to URGENT mental heath care services

Started by diazdebbie, March 31, 2012, 11:34:37 pm

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hello La
I'm so fortunate to have such a great group of women to console my greviences with...

I had to take my DD to the mental Psych ward yesterday.  She has been batteling drug abuse for some time now.....
I'm not sure what do to at this point.  She has 7 year old dauther who is safe with family.  But my DD is just been admitted on Friday and I dont know how long they will decide to keep her..   She has  been abusing drugs for at least 2 years now and I dont know what to expect when they release her.  Does anyone know of a FREE Rehab Center?  I am her  mother...I have been allowing her to livei in my home.  She told me she would pay me rent, but never did, and now i'm going to have to sell or  forclose because she could never hold down a job long enough to pay me any rent.  I've been paying the mortgage and everthing else and now the HOA is after me because she has been causing such a nausance in the neighborhood with all her fits at night.  Neighbors's hate living next to her.  Does anyone know of a good rehabiliation in northern california?  Free or low cost?
I need your prayres.   


DiazDebbie, sorry I have no info on resources for your DD. There has to be something, I hope you find it soon! IMO you can no longer put your health & welfare in jeopardy because of your DD. (((hugs))) and good thoughts to you.
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 Have you spoke with the local law enforcement?
When the judge orders someone into treatment they are sent at the states expense I believe.   If not they probably know where you should start looking. They deal with addicts all the time sadly.
Churches and local county mental health department also have programs.
Sending prayer up for you both.. 

lancaster lady

hi DD ,

What a heartbreaking decision for you , but you know you had to in order to help her .
I would think the place where she is will suggest organisations where she can go after they release
her .
When she is safe , you must look to yourself and find a safe haven too .
Take Care .


I wish I had some helpful info, but all I can offer is my prayers.  good luck.


I'm glad she is getting help DD.  I would start with your local Human Services agency.  They would be whatever group that offers free health, welfare, food stamps, etc. in that area.  They might be able to give you some information or who to contact.
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