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What to do about clingy MIL?

Started by stacy17, March 06, 2012, 02:04:43 pm

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Hi Ladies,

I've been married for six yrs. DH and I have three kids (ages 4, 2, and 6 months). My MIL lives in Argentina, but visits once a year. The first two yrs of marriage she would visit us for four months, spending half the time with DH/I, the other half with her other DS (my BIL). I told DH that I didn't feel comfortable with a two month visit. She doesn't speak English, my Spanish is limited, and since DH works, I actually spend more time with her that he does. Believe me when I say she turns clinginess into an art form!  Long story short, DH, BIL, and MIL agreed that her next visit would be for only one month (I say "only" because for her it's not long enough). She'll spend two weeks with DH/ I other two with BIL/SIL.

The problem is, since MIL agreed she would only visit with us for two weeks, DH and I have had two other children. She didn't visit last year due to financial reasons.

My question is, it wrong for us to impose the two week limit since she hasn't seen GC in almost two yrs?? Also, she hasn't met our 6 month old.

Not sure if this matters, recently MIL has told DH that she wants to move to USA to be closer to everyone. She will live with BIL/SIL, but would like to spend the night one weekend per month with DH/I. Not sure if I like that...?


Welcome stacy17 :)

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I think your compromise sounds more than reasonable.  3 days is usually the limit for guests but I can understand extending it a bit for an out of country visitor.  Still 2 weeks is a lot! 

Personally, coming up with set schedules for extended family seems to be asking for trouble from what I've read.  Maybe make it a goal to see her once a month when she moves closer (if it is feasible) but I would not give the notion she gets a weekend a month specifically set aside for her. 
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My take: It all sounds reasonable to me...not excessive. You married her son and she is a part of the package whether you enjoy it or not. (I wouldn't enjoy it, either.) And two weeks sounds like an absolute maximum. (Lost time does not accrue!) Sending love...
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It sounds more than reasonable to me. DH and I visited SD and our GD over Christmas and we only stayed a week even though it had been a year and a half since we had seen them.


I think it's very reasonable and I agree, although 2 weeks sounds like a long time, for out-of-country visitors, I think that's reasonable. 
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Yup, one week at your house and one week at a motel or hotel!  ;D
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thanks for the feedback. I was wanted to make sure I was being fair. I realize she's lonely for DS, but I really don't like long visits (not even from my FOO whom I love very much). I'm the kinda girl that likes my own space after about a weeks visit. Luckily for me DH feels the same way.


I'm the kinda girl that likes my own space after about an hour!  :D
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama


I think the 2 week visit sounds reasonable. But, stacy17, I worry about that weekend sleepover once a month too, if she does decide to move to the USA. In my opinion that sounds like too much.
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