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Started by Doe, November 07, 2011, 09:06:22 am

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I'm curious how some of you GMs got your names? 

The one name that I didn't want to be called is the one name that DIL wanted me to be called so when she was talking to me there was a little awkwardness there.

So did you say, call me "__"?  Or did your AC decide what the GC would call you? 


I don't think this story is unusual, but as first grandchild, I chose one of my grandmother's grandmother names as I was learning to speak and it stuck.  I can't imagine it would have been her choice to be called....moo moo. 


I think that the parents are usually the ones who give the GP's their names, if only because they're speaking these names to the kids even before they can speak for themselves.  Occasionally, the GK will get stuck on a name and it will stick.

I think it's okay to have a conversation with the parents saying "Please don't call me Xxx to the kids - I really have negative associations with that name".  For example, my Mom really doesn't like "Nana" as a GP reference, fair enough because it's not a common GP name in our culture.

However, if you're insisting on being called something, be prepared for some resistance.  Some parents don't LIKE terms like Glam-ma (Goldie Hawn's GP name, I believe).  ;D


Moo Moo-

I Love This!

Sassy -  I did have the talk, asking not to be called that one name.   It was a little ironic that it was the only one that DIL really wanted to use.



My YS allowed me to pick my own and we stayed away from GM names we already had around the family.  I'm a MiMi.
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lancaster lady

I picked mine too ....GD has just learned to say it .....<3


And traditionally in our family, whatever the first GC either chooses to pick or what the GM picks and the grandchild uses, the rest follow along.  My Mom picked MamMaw (my brother asked her what she wanted) and when first GD came along, when she tried to say it, she would say "MeMaw", so it stuck and all the other grandchildren that came along called her that.
We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. -
Joseph Campbell


Quote from: lancaster lady on November 07, 2011, 10:13:57 am
I picked mine too ....GD has just learned to say it .....<3

I tried for months to get my GD to say mine.  I would look at her and beg..."Come on, say Mimi....MI..MI...you can do it..."

She wouldn't do it and would just grin until we got in the middle of 500 people at a football game and she was trying to climb down the bleachers and I said, "Nuh huh young lady" and pulled her back up.  She turned, put her hands on her hips and screamed at the top of her lungs "MEEEEEEMEEEEEEE!!!!!!"

Red heads.......
We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. -
Joseph Campbell

lancaster lady

aww Pooh ....cute though !

as my DH is of Italian decent and my GD has our last name we chose Papa and Nona .....!
now the other GM chose Nana , after I chose mine .....hmmm! Confusing we thought ,
However my little sunbeam shouts her Nona with correct pronunciation at the top of her voice !
That's my girl !


They are smart little cookies!
We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. -
Joseph Campbell


The first born grandchild usually picks in our family.  It seems they just start calling them whatever it is and it sticks and then the rest follow suit
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I'm sure I have posted this before.  My brother next to me called me Fafe as he could not say my given name.  The other 4 children followered him.  When the grandchildren started coming along I was Aunt Fafe.  (Some still call me that.)  Anywho, my daughter told me one time that if/when she had children she wanted them to call me Fafe.  So, when my OS got married, my DIL was in a quandary as to what to call me.  I suggested a Japanese name (as long as it was not a bad word), but she would not do that.  So, I just told her to call me Fafe.  When their child was born that is what he called me and now the other one is trying really, really hard to say Fafe (NOT!).  But, she will one of these days. 


Dear Doe
When my first grandchild was born (boy) my son and dil would refer to me as Grandmom, but I thought and thought how I wanted to be called and I decided that I wanted Nanny.  So One day I told my son and dil and son that I wished to called Nanny.  They agreed and started calling me Nanny.  The baby was about 9 months old by then.  So when my gs started speaking he just said Nana with a strong accent in the last A, and so it was.  The second gc (girl) just followed and the third one who is not speaking yet will also follow.  For me the sweetest word to my ears is how my gc call me. 

I also thought my dil wouldnt like me chosing how my gc would call me, because back then was disrespectful and mean to me, but I remember she smiled and said ""Ok". phew! 


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I love these stories!
While she was pregnant, DIL and DS referred to me with the name I didn't want and I asked if we could use another name.  DS hated the one I liked and chose another.  DIL agreed but just about every time she referred to me as a GM, she would say the one she wanted then correct herself.  DIL and DS treated my request like it took tremendous effort on their part but they were willing to humor me. 
I didn't see the problem, since DIL had admonished me about not putting the 'ie" on the end of her name once and I complied with her wishes to call her what she wanted.
The way things are now, I can't imagine what they are calling me!  But thanks everybody for sharing your sweet stories.