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Manipulating husband
« on: October 19, 2011, 09:57:47 AM »
Hi I have stumbled across this website by accident and what a godsend it seems to be. My story is a very long one I won't bore you with all the gory details, well not just yet anyway. But the bottom line is after a very nasty split from my husband I have had no contact with my kids now for nearly two months. I know that doesn't sound like a long time but it is killing me. My kids are not quite adults but they are also not babies . 16,17 and 18. They have all been manipulated by ther father whom I was married to for twenty years. I have known him for thirty fours years since we were kids. He has already one failed marriage behind him because of his controlling ways and has two children from that marriage, one of whom he has no contact. Our relationship started going wrong a couple  of years ago, and gradually got worse a year ago when I left and moved in with my sister.
The children stayed with him, and he has manipulated and controlled them eversince. I did  have contact with them until a few months ago although it was always on his terms. Always keeping me hanging on a string whether I go see them or not. They are all old enough you might say to make their own minds up if they want to see me but he has well and truly got into their heads. He told me few months ago that he was going to tell them whatever it takes to make them hate me. And that if i don't want him then I can't have them. When I first come to my sisters I was drinking quite a lot which is one of the reasons we split up ( I have not had a drink in over a year now) The abuse I our home turn from verbal to physical and I knew I had to leave. The children witness almost of this . I know they resent me for my drinking but this last year I had built so many bridges with them. But since I told my ex I'm never going back that's when it has turned really nasty and now I have no contact with the kids for nearly two months. She said he was gonna make them block me on Facebook, make them change there numbers and if I turn up the house he will have me arrested and lie to the police that I am harassing them. He had me arrested once before and made false allegations against me ( all three of the children know this but for some reason they have sided with him. He said he will tell them I'm still drinking, taking drugs and out with lots of men. He said you have hurt me and now I am going to destroy you, and that is exactly what he is tryin to do. I have called him on over tirty occasion to try and make contact wit the kids but all to no avail. I just don't know where to turn . The pain is so hard to deal with.
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Re: Manipulating husband
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Welcome Misty :)

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