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There should be a new book written

Started by Prissy, June 16, 2009, 08:22:37 pm

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The Name? 

"Mutated Freakoids and the men who love them"

....how control freaks with no manners, brought up in Dog Patch prey on nice guys and manipulate them into robots.

Let's give a big hand to the little ladies of today!  May their tribe decrease. 


Hey, Prissy,

And I just got a detailed communication from a DIL about what happens when a MIL continues to control her "baby-boy" long after he's left home and married. Aie, yie yie!

I wonder...are there any guys left out there that aren't being run by wives or mothers? Men who stand tall and run their own lives? Are they married? Single? How do they keep their balance and not play either side of the coin?

I had one son who made and one that didn't. Why is that, I wonder? Same mom..same home!

Another title: "Get a Life, Guys!"


Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama


"Grandma Almost Got Ran Over By A DIL!"  ;)

After wanting to shove me down the stairs, you want a Hallmark?  :o


Renny!  How bout "Sympathy card for your hospital stay?"

Sorry, didn't word that right - HER hospital stay.

Something to the effect of "Merry X-rays and a happy new rear" with a picture of a syringe?


I don't know if anyone has seen the new rewrite of Jane Austin's "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"?

  Following that theme,  "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and Family Relations turn into Zombies",   how our loving children or loving parents turn into creatures from a Wes Craven nightmare. 


Haven't smiled in a long time  ;D!

Here's another: Remote control in bottom  ;) and stuck on the Discovery Channel!!!! Discover This!


That's tooooooo funny!  OK, stop with the visuals... ;D

You'll get us started on PAM!  Psssshhht! 


Mil's worst nightmare

Chapter 1.......Lines
Chapter 2.......Lie's
Chapter 3.......Alibi's


I would love to write a book on this. I think Chapter One should reflect on the issues that sort of form this dynamic. The backgrounds, that may play a role in the possibility of the estrangment later. Whether the DIL convinces the son that he needs to "runaway" with her as kids do when they are trying to get away from parents. They don't know any other way to cope, so take someone with you.

Whenever the son tries maintains contact with parent(s), he may not even feel the same level of dissatisfaction of his parent(s) but, the DIL feels this is a violation of their "contract" that was made when she was most angry and filled with retaliation. There are stories of young women who only married to "get out of the house."

I always thought that if DIL could stand up to her father, that she never got along with but never faced some of the controls and limitations that were placed on me, that there would be some harmony. So, her "acting out" was mostly done when her parents were around. The person with the least decency (her father) was left in control by a passive mother. So, she never really "cured" the daddy situation by marrying and leaving, and it even includes a MIL. Now what?

It may be a different "ending" than what we hoped for, but it got me thinking of the beginning......