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Your going to shudder when you read this

Started by cremebrulee, December 23, 2009, 10:24:24 am

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Yesterday morning, by chance, in the car, I had a radio show on.  The radio announcer was a woman, and proceeded to talk about the horror stories, so many young women have to tell about they're mil's.  At first I was offended, b/c the world doesn't know about the MIL"s who are victims of abuse.  But as I listened, a young woman called into the show. 

Get this...
She was dating a man whom she fell in love with...they were going to get married...the man's mother went to her...and offered her $5,000 if she didn't marry her son????  Talk about shock?  She sounded like a nice young women, very astute and calm...she wasn't accusing...or hateful...she was sad that this happened...and she broke it off with the man, b/c she knew, there would be an awful road ahead if she married him...she said, she didn't want that aggrivation, or her children growing up around this hateful woman.  She said, to this day, he is not married....how in the world could a mother stagnate her own flesh and blood's life like that?  Awful!!!


Oh geeze...that is terrible!! 

How much money do you think it would take?  ;D


the woman comically replied...I'll give you the 5,000 if you stay out of your son's life...LOL


So I take it the lady did not take the money?  Oh I hope not.  And did she tell the boyfriend about what his mother is trying to do to him?  Oh that so sad.  I hope he can get away from her and create a life for himself.


no, she didn't take the money, she was sickened by the lengths that her almost future MIL would go to...I don't know if she told him?  But she said, to this day, he is still not married...

Me to, I really do hope the same thing for him...so sad isn't it?


Quote from: 2chickiebaby on December 23, 2009, 10:27:29 am
Oh geeze...that is terrible!! 

How much money do you think it would take?  ;D

You are just too funny chickie!!  LOL!!!


I know...I can't help it...but sometimes in the written word, people don't know what to make of it. 

I'm very funny in person, though.  I actually crack myself up.  It's hard on me sometimes because people expect it all the time.  When I'm down or don't feel myself, they are disappointed. 

My co-dependency makes me have to ensure their happiness so I do it anyway!!!  One of my DILs, for example; I am her entertainment.  Lord!! The other one doesn't get it.  I have learned with that one to just keep quiet. When we are all together I am in torment trying to not be too funny. 

I have to mentally tape my mouth shut around her because so many things are funny to me.