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Pleasantly shocked

Started by Pen, May 26, 2011, 12:34:22 am

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I'm still kind of reeling, actually. DH & I spent about an hour with DS & DIL this eve. It was very pleasant! DIL chatted, laughed and seemed to enjoy being with us. She even mentioned the possibility of a future outing together. She did bring up her fabulous FOO, but didn't rub it in as before. She didn't criticize us at all. Progress? I hope so...I have to squelch my wariness and not overthink everything, just enjoy the moment.
Respect ... is appreciation of the separateness of the other person, of the ways in which he or she is unique.
-- Annie Gottlieb


Oh Pen...it sounds really nice.   I dont know what changed her attitude...but it doesnt matter....she made you happy.  It is a good start.  Good things should happen to good people like you...so there must be some more coming.....I pray to the Lord lol.   

I wish you the best Pen.....enjoy,

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Maybe she is realizing what the truly important things in life are?  Pen, you are one of the MIL's here whose DIL's behavior has baffled me...there really doesn't seem to be any reason for her shunning of you and I don't think she knows how lucky she is.  Maybe she is finally seeing that.  I hope you see continued improvement in your relationship with her....I think she will really like you if she gives herself a chance to.


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Fingers crossed Pen .....we are always over cautious,if you're like me you.wonder what they are after ......enjoy the moment and I hope it continues..... :)


Congrats Pen!!! Sounds like new beginnings!!! I'm so happy for you! ;D

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Wow..Pen!! Prayers get answered...wishes get granted...patience gets rewarded. Sending love...
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YES...YES...YES!!!!  So happy for you Pen!  Progress!!!

You get a WOOT WOOT~
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That's great, Pen!  I'm so excited for you :)  May this be a new beginning...
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Thanks, everyone! IMO having you guys to talk to takes the pressure off, so when I see DIL & DS I am more relaxed...which makes her more relaxed...IDK, for now I'm grateful, whatever the cause. WW are the best!
Respect ... is appreciation of the separateness of the other person, of the ways in which he or she is unique.
-- Annie Gottlieb


I'm glad everything went well! I have to ask...was there wine involved?   ;)


That's terrific, Pen,

If dil would allow you the opportunity, she'd see the same Pen we've all come to know & love.  Wishing you all the best...


Thank you, Rose & Holly. No wine involved, darn, but fun all the same  ;D
Respect ... is appreciation of the separateness of the other person, of the ways in which he or she is unique.
-- Annie Gottlieb


Sounds as if all was pleasant, thank you for sharing and happy for you ~ this is a Happy Vent...Hugs....

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So pleased for you! ENJOY THE MOMENT. Life is an accummulation of moments lived in real time, let the memory of this evening linger and make you strong.