Author Topic: So...instead of eating my hat, I'll eat crow (Is that right?)  (Read 569 times)

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Okay, so I get notified when someone respondes a discussion board that I posted on. So...I got your message. I want you to know that I think this site is great and it should not be shut down. I think overall, it is a good organization here of women. My decision to not post for *only a little while* has nothing to do with you, or the foundation of the site.

Organizations function as one whole system, and systems go through ups and downs. It's a very real, documented thing; and I believe in it, whether it is hard science or soft science.  ;)

I also believe that organizations have moods. Moods can't really be controlled. They just are. Right now, if I had to give this site a definition of mood, I would say it's mood isn't so great. Unfortunately, no amount of moderating can fix that; and I think you'd drive yourself crazy trying to contain it and you deserve better; and you should cut yourself a break. There are no bad apples here; no one needs to be booted or reprimanded, it is just basic growing pains for this site. I just felt a huge shift of energy suddenly this week, and I'd prefer to let it ride out without me. I 100% wholeheartedly believe that it will pass, and this site will be in better spirits later. I will be back posting later, I promise. But, I'm an introvert and when the mood is bad, I internalize. That's all that I'm doing is just time for me to regroup.   

I am sorry. I should have worded my post better. I also should have left Pooh's, LL's and Pam's name of the post b/c it implies they are on a break for reasons that they are not. That was wrong of me, and I can see how it can be interpreted that way. I was only trying to highlight that people that are a huge positive force in my experience here suddenly are not here; and I'm having a hard time with that, and right now there seems to be a lot of fights and loaded messages...and I'm not going to lie...I'm one of the last few posters on almost every single topic that has gotten locked I'm contributing; that's not who I really am. It's time for me to step back, that's all.

Again, I get a lot more positives out of this site than anything else. It's been wonderful and I reall feel that I've come to know and love just about everyone. It's been a priceless experience so far, and I don't intend it to end; it's just for now.