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From an MIL hate site

Started by 2chickiebaby, November 07, 2009, 07:38:26 am

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I'm paraphrasing here so here goes:

The young woman says that her MIL complained to both her DH and her that that photographer must not have known who they were at the wedding because there were hardly any pictures of them.

DIL's husband says to his wife on the way home: "she's trying to make our wedding all about her"

DIL says to the hate site: "I'm letting him draw his own conclusions about his Mother"

The Responder/Poster says: "it's best that we allow our DH's to come to their own conclusions about their Mother than for us to push it"


Well, that's just great, isn't it? 


Yes I agree that some of the girls on these sites can be very angry and disrepectful and sometimes its hard to figure out which ones hate their MIL just because or that they really are having real trouble with their IL's.  The ones I can pick out that are genuine I've tried to email some of them, that is the DIL's that seem to have similair IL's to mine, so yes I do see what you're saying though about those sites.  A matter fact maybe its just torturing yourself if you go to some of those sites because they can be brutal.


I know what you mean. In My Opinion, if you have an unpopular point of view, you either get kicked off their site or posters bully you no matter what you post, for weeks and even months sometimes, seems like especially if they find out you're a Christian. Who needs them? There are other sites out there, including this one.

I never donated any money to their site to help them pay for their expenses, but I might donate to this one. Where do I do that?


Hi Kitty_Mommy,
Luise Volta so kindly made this site for us.  She has a site called: momsresponds.com, where you can donate if you choose. I know she would appreciate it.

You're right about the MIL hates sites; they are abundant and filled with all the hate they can muster.  They do hound you and make you feel horrible when they find out you're not like them and especially if you're an MIL. They go into high gear when then.  It's high time we had a place to call home here.

Glad to have you..........  :)


Yes, there is a lot of hatred and sometimes it's impossible to deal with if you're human! 


Do you want to tell us your story? 


Anna, I think I have this figured out!!!  DUH!!  They wanted our son!!!  :)  I am so schmart, huh?  After 16 years of grieving,  I FINALLY GET IT!!!


I think since we didn't know we could have PPD or PDD or PMD or whatever it is, we just  didn't have it!!  We had a baby instead and tried to behave like a  normal person.  8)


I think she had poor trusting me hood-winked the whole time.

I had a great relationship with my future dil or so I thought. When she married my son and had children it all changed.. maybe it didn't change.. maybe she was that type of person all along and had me fooled ( I think that's it ).



Glad you could join us ! we are all in the same boat here.

                                                                                    Good luck and Blessings


Quote from: Anna on December 05, 2009, 05:17:07 am
I honestly don't know how some of these dils can be the way they are, so untrusting, so hurtful, so filled with hate.  It seems like a very sad way to live a life.  I wonder what will happen to their children.  Will they grow up full of hate because that's what they've seen all their lives?  I don't deserve dils treatment of me, & I know there are dils who don't deserve their mils treatment of them.  I wish we could all just get along.  I love my son, & grandchildren, & believe me I did love my dil, till she "changed", (or was she that way all along?).  Now, with all the hurt caused by her, it will be a long time before my heart heals, a long time before I'm so trusting.  I wish it didn't have to be this way, wish we could have the relationship I "thought" we had in the beginning.  I wonder if we will ever have a good relationship again.  I would truly like it if we could.

Well my thinking is to not give up because anything is possible.  I use prayer to help me.  I'm not giving up that maybe my IL's might change, although they're both in their mid to late sixties I guess its doubtful.  But b/c of my faith I think God can do anything.  I try to look at what I'm doing wrong and am willing to change anything I might be doing wrong.  OF course its a two way street and if the other party can't see how they're negatively contributing then things will most likely never change.


Dear J2b,

I just don't understand why your inlaws would exclude you and not get down on their knees and thank God they have you as a member of their family.  If ever there was a kind woman, you're it. 

There is something wrong with them.  Have you ever written them a letter?  I assume you have but just in case, have you?  I know that one time, after distant DIL threw her fit here, I guess son asked her to write us a letter, which she did.  She explained that she was 'hormonal' at the time and of course, I accepted her apology on the spot. (I would have anyway.)

Not knowing that you could be 'hormonal', I was shocked that you could behave like that and get away with it.  If I had acted like that, I would have found myself in another county and not known how I got there. (when I was living at my Grandparents growing up)

So, I was never 'hormonal'.  I'm kind of mad now because I should have used my hormones when I had them to misbehave in the past!


No I haven't written a letter.  This may sound bad but I think I've gotton to the point where I just don't care anymore.


Gosh, you got that counseling quick, didn't you?  Yep, I think that's where you should go......they can help you.


Speak to your Mother in law about your problems.....she'll help.