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2 years and 2 lists

Started by seasage, February 28, 2011, 07:00:43 pm

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It has been two years since that awful day when dil told us why we didn't love ds enough. (Money). We have not seen her nor spoken to her since then (her choice).
This is my list of things that help me bear the pain and Forget to cry.
WWU (wild women version).
Jazz and choral music
Nature programs on pbs
Work (sometimes)
Eating juicy pears in the shower
Oolong tea
Rolling on the floor with my dog.
New cookbooks
Shoveling snow
Shooting squirrels
Feeling older than luise and younger than the wind
Eating blueberries
Slamming a home run
Bandaging skinned elbows
Wearing new wool socks

I was going to make a list of those times, those things,  that bring back the old tears,  but now I feel like skipping that list.

Thank you all, dear wwu friends, for helping with this healing. I feel I'm almost whole again.


Awwwww :) sweet list.  What's oolong tea?
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do you have a video to share of you rolling around on the ground with your dog while wearing new wool socks?

But seriously.. parachuting.. are you friggin crazy


Oolong tea is a Chinese tea with lots of anti-oxidants. It's yummy, and the best.

Seasage, we share a love of new cookbooks! I can barely walk by one without buying it.


Do you find that you still buy them when you know that you can google any recipe you want?


Er...yes. I do. I can't stop.

Trisha Yearwood, Biba, Emeril, Ina Garten, BHG, Rob Arnie and Dawn, 111th Fighter Wing, the re-gift from my MIL that had the letter from her friend written to her in it, the Joy of Cooking, the most popular cookbook in Italy...

I have probably 30.

It goes against my minimalist ideas, but since I love to cook, I can't part with them.



LOL, yes, and I put her before Biba (one of the top chefs in the U.S. from Sacramento)--best Northern Italian food away from Northern Italy.

Um....Trisha has all these greasy no good for you southern cooking recipes that I make for DH. She married Garth Brooks and keeps him fed. Her book is called "Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen." I'm pretty sure her sausage ball recipe can be found on the back of a Bisquick box though. I'm a sucker.


for unhealthy I love watching Paula Deen start off all her recipes with a pound of butter


I'm a little perturbed at Paula...she gave me the idea to mix my homemade pumpkin pie filling with a stick of creamcheese for a lighter taste.

That was not the best Thanksgiving dessert.

But, I've never seen someone cook with that much butter! My arteries clog just drooling over her biscuit monkey bread!


she has a deep fryer built into her counter top.. I thought that was pretty cool


Quote from: holliberri on February 28, 2011, 07:20:08 pm

It goes against my minimalist ideas, but since I love to cook, I can't part with them.

Minimalist cookbooks!! I just acquired Bittman's minimalist vegetarian.  Have you tried his no-kneed bread? Tis truly amazing. Reminds me of the breads one buys in northern Italy.


Minimalist and vegetarian? I am going to pick that up. What is one more cookbook?


Seasage, what a wonderful way to remind yourself of what you do have. Thanks for sharing your strategy. Here's my list:

WWU, front and center
Making out with DH
Gjetost (I'm addicted)
Crispy apples (to eat w/the gjetost)
Going to the plant nursery
Riding my bike
Blasting my music really loud on the way to work
Brazilian music & accents
African township music - one must smile and move, no tears
Buying one luxurious item on sale
Espresso, anytime/anywhere
Wearing my black pencil skirt and scandalously high heels
Buying cookbooks (yep, me too)
Getting a mani/pedi/facial/massage
Picking sunwarmed tomatoes at the peak of ripeness
Hiking/driving in the snow when sane people are indoors
Historical English dramas on PBS
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Quote from: holliberri on February 28, 2011, 07:49:14 pm
Minimalist and vegetarian? I am going to pick that up. What is one more cookbook?

Bittman's bread chapter in that book is for idiots, however.  If it's bread you want, google minimalist no-knead bread video.  I have made that bread 3 times.  I no longer take the cover off the cast-iron pan, because I don't like the extra-crusty crust.  I have changed the recipe to leave the cover on, but take the bread out of the oven sooner.  It still makes very crusty bread (will be all dried out within 24 hrs, thus the resemblance to Italian bread).  However, the extraordinary taste and YELLOW-ish color will make you scoff it down before the 24-hour limit arrives.  You will never have enough left for all those italian recipes that require bread crumbs.