Author Topic: A Grandparent's Advice  (Read 5957 times)

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Re: A Grandparent's Advice
« Reply #30 on: December 23, 2010, 11:21:13 AM »
Yes Anna at least you knew your mil would not stay long to feed your son so you were prudent about not telling her anything.  What was done was done.  I am imaginaning your face when you saw your son with his chubby cheeks lol.  My dil would have killed me if I had fed cakes to her childen.  She doesnt even given them cake often.  When they go to a party and she permits them to have a peace of cake, she removes the frosting from it lol.  Sometimes they cry because they want the frosting also yum yum. 

My gs (4) asks me for a piece of chocolate and tells me he will not tell momy.  It is so hard on me sometimes, because I want to make them happy but must respect rules.  Once in a while I do break the rules but tell dil....and she takes it well.

Well Anna, I hope for the prompt recovery of your dad.  You and all the ladies here have been my family this year and I thank you for sharing and being such a wonderful kind person.

May God Bless You
Merry Christmas
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