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  1. Chronic sorrow
  2. "Why Your Family Hates You (8ways to cope)" Richard Shannon on YouTube
  3. Support for rejected parents
  4. "Find the Good" Book/author recommendation
  5. Re: Issues with Adult Children by Green Thumb (Reposted in Resources by Luise)
  6. Interesting Comment by Columnist Amy Dickinson
  7. Loving Detachment 101
  8. Highly Recommend "Life Code"
  9. Ostracized and Alienation
  10. From Monroe - Thank you!
  11. MOVED: WWU Members' Perpetual Fantasy Cruise Begun Mother's Day 2013
  12. Free on kindle: Abandoned Parents..The Devil's Dilemma
  13. Wonderful Blog with Self-Care information
  14. Helpful Article to identify Narcissisism in others
  15. Free Mother to Good Home
  16. New article: Silent Epidemic of Estranged Parents & Adult Children
  17. Book: "The Verbally Abusive Relationship" by Patricia Evans
  18. "When Parents Hurt"
  19. Free On Line Book:) Letting Go of Our Adult Children
  20. Abbreviations
  21. Happy (a documentary)
  22. MOVED: Doggie love
  23. The Gifts of ImperfectionI
  24. This is How......check out the Chapter on How to Feel Sorry for Yourself
  25. I'm Still Your Mother
  26. Dr. Josh Coleman - New Teleseminar Series
  27. Alternatives to family holiday plans
  28. Did you know?
  29. Book: I Need Your Love, Is That True?
  30. Abbreviations - HELP
  31. A little clarification on abbreviations.
  32. Dogs, Puppies, Cats and Kittens - no IL problems there
  33. Depression's Advantages
  34. Need Help with posting
  35. Movie: for DIL/MIL
  36. It's Either Her or Me: A Guide to Help a Mom and Her Daughter-in-Law Get Along
  37. Book for Mothers-to-be
  38. Incredibly Helpful Book
  39. How it feels to have OCD
  40. Web site that explains TOXIC PEOPLE/ RELATIONSHIPS
  41. Useful Book
  43. Native American lessons re: expanded focus
  44. This book has always lifted my spirit
  45. The Human Experience
  46. Useful Book: The Wizard of Oz and Other Narcissists
  47. Pain and social rejection article
  48. Helpful book
  49. Interesting article by a son .. interview with his mother....
  50. Some posts I found interesting...