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  3. Does it ever stop hurting so much
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  17. Hello lovely ladies
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  21. The surprises never cease
  22. Is It Wrong To Feel So Hurt?
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  24. overbearing SIL and passive daughter
  25. No change after 9 years
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  27. At a loss of what to do
  28. My husband is our son-in-laws best friend and the bf is jealous of me
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  31. Holiday strategies?
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  33. Baptism
  34. Only jealousy can explain my daughter in law....
  35. what about sister in laws?
  36. Ordinary mum with son married to a jealous controlling Doctor.
  37. Jealous Son-in-law
  38. no change after 6 years
  39. Getting Back
  40. Son in poor health, DIL attempted to disallow my seeing him
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  43. Why the drama?
  44. request for your calming tips
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  47. Words and Actions Don't Match
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