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Adult Sons and/or Adult Daughters / Re: Feel left out
December 11, 2013, 03:05:48 am
One Christmas a had a bad car wreck so I was in a wheelchair went to my inlaws they put me in a corner and the entire day only one person spoke with me. After that I made sure I was working for the next 4 yrs and did not see them at all. I went this thanksgiving to in laws house for the first time in years. When I first got there I was playing with her dog and he jumped out of my hands and hurt himself. Every person that walked through the door my mother in law told them how I hurt her dog. I am done never again will I go to there house and I will never invite them to mine. And to top if off my husband even blamed me for hurting her dog and did not stand up for me.
It went real well, I was surprised all the x's got a long and DS told me that there was going to be drinking at both the rehearsal and wedding and he was worried about my DH disapproval about drinking. So DH and I went to the rehearsal only stayed about 1hr DS waited to drink until after we left. The wedding was perfect and again DS waited to drink after we left, I thought that was neat. I am so glad it is over, STRESS.
I have the same question, the rehearsal dinner is tonight wedding tomorrow. I am so worried and nervous,
please tell me what you learned and how you did?
My DIL told my ds to tell me that I am no longer welcome at there house anymore after I let my gd walk barefooted outside. I have not talked to any of them for 2 weeks now. My ds said it would be best if we come to your house for now on but I can't see that happening. I really don't know how to handle this, I am in shock and very hurt. How would you handle this?