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I have always moved to be near my daughter and grandchildren, I am the only baby sitter they have ever had ages 5 and 9. My son in law inherited his moms house  800 miles away- he also has been arrested (he says erroneously) of computer pornography. My daughter moved with him and my g'babies to the inherited home. I am now ill and she asked me repeatedly to move in with them "for my health and finances" also in the event that he is sent to prison in the coming months. I left home, my drs and family to move in with them. It's been 2 months. He is a nightmare. My daughter doesn't see it. He doesn't work and says he can't with the charges hanging over his head. He has said terrible things to me but not within her earshot and I'm not sure she wouldn't defend him if I said anything. I am now living in his house so it's more than awkward- he was so ugly to my dog I rehomed him and it broke my heart. As far as my health it won't improve but they've gone away for the weekend and left the kids with me also, I take them to school and pick them up etc. Because of what I've read here I feel less alone but there doesn't seem to be an answer for me except at least I'm here for the kids. I don't think he'll go to jail, it's been a year, he's living across state lines and with two small children so I might agree that they don't have anything to charge him with but either way this venue allowing me to learn and to vent is the best, thank u for listening and if there is some answer I'm notnthinking of please share! Btw my daughter has two degrees a high paying job and a lot of friends but she was molested by her uncle for years, possibly skewing her vision of things.