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I will be traveling extensively for work for the next 3 months. In case the planes crash or something, I redid my will today and intentionally left out the son that ripped me off ( see kicked to the curb post ).  In the spirit of my New Years resolutions, one of which was to stop being "nice" and a "doormat" to that particular child. I must confess, I feel better for having left everything I own to my daughter and her child.

He got his "portion" when he ripped off my inheritance. Hope he's happy with it, cause the farm is worth WAY more than that was.. dumb fool.. and Now its all "legal" too.

New years resolution kept ! Yay, Go-me !

Had relatively good relationship with son, till he married a la-di-da princess. They moved cross country without a penny to their name, and bad credit. I sold them a family home, that I inherited, CHEAP, ( at her insistance that the price keep being lowered, and I did to "help them out " )  The agreement was they were to live in it, and fix it up, and then "flip" it when the economy & housing market rebounded.  INSTEAD? They stayed briefly,  TURNED IT INTO A RENTAL , and moved about 1000 miles away.  I nursed both my elderly parents in that home, both of them passed in that home, I literally scrubbed blood off the floor in that home. (sorry ) ...they were supposed to FIX IT UP AND SELL IT.   The standard legal language in the sales, was, well... standard.   There is nothing saying they CAN'T make it a RENTAL, however  ?  THIS IS MY RETIREMENT $$/Inheritance.  As it stands now, I am technically "financing" their new lifestyle ( since they get the rental $$ )  I no longer see the Grandchild - who was 6 mos when they left and is now a yr old.  Personally? I have health problems ,and basically could qualify for food stamps,  I  could have used rent $$ myself, or sold it outright, myself.  Instead , it is now a rental with a balloon pmt- 30 yrs from now. ALL TO HELP THEM out, and they see nothing wrong with this. Supposedly "I am being the butch".. Go figure.        I even paid the 1800 in closing costs - cause they had no $$.  "O" percent interest too...  sure had the wool pulled over my eyes.  NO IDEA what I ever did to get such an ungrateful child. All I can do is pray KARMA gets both of them..  anyone ever be as stupid as me and FINANCE the departure of G Child #1, and pay for their new lifestyle, all while basically doing without all to "help them" DUH.. SMH just call me stupid... OH? and they don't think they did anything wrong.  Sheesh.

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