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I have a really overbearing future MIL/ FIL. Both families have met, and don't get along. (This is mainly because my MIL can't keep her nasty comments to herself). She has be-littled my older sister (which she has never met)- calling her a no hoper. (My sister is 30, married, working for the government as an receptionist, and attends uni part-time studying law). The FIL has also made comparisons between me and their own daughter, who is living with a man, who is in and out of jail, and has had 3 children with him. She dropped out of high school. My parents took offence, because I have a masters degree in finance, was then working as a Financial Analyst, but and am currently studying my postgraduate studies towards becoming a psychologist. My partner says that the only thing that we have in common is that we both have dark hair. They are always saying bad things in front of my parents- what is wrong with them? My partner won't stand up for me, even after 6 years. She is so controlling- she stopped our last wedding from happening, because we left a few people off her guest list (after all Mum and Dad were paying for everything), and said that if she wanted them there, then she could make up the different. After all- we had a budget set, and the guest list has to stop somewhere- we too had to take some people off our side too. (This wasn't the first time, that she has stopped a wedding of ours from going forward. But this time is costed my parents $10,000 in unrefunded deposits.

I don't know what to do? I am thinking that I need to just get out now while I can-