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Im just off the phone to my adult daughter who has spent the last hour telling me she does not love me and wants me out of her life and swore at me several times, she was drunk. This has been relatively recent as she has started attending therapy and says that she can't believe what a terrible mother I am/was. At 21 she left to live abroad and has made some bad choices. Her father and I split up when she was 14 and it was not a good split. I met someone else  and married and she likes him. However his family and her don't get on as she is wayward. Now they have kids and thats a big part of our life and she feels left out. I know she is using this cutting off  as a backlash to me, as tha is her only outlet as I am supposed to not care about them, and only her but she is an adult. Its just jealousy, but I have tried to give her a lot of attention and that is not working at all. 

I have tried daily to talk to her but she has now told me she wants nothing to do with her father or me or her extended family. She has an other sibling who she talks to but not very often either. She wants to cut me out. Im devastated and hurt by her comments, im in tears daily.  I don't know where to go with this. She laughed when I started crying. I keep asking to visit or her to come home , but nothing pleases her.

I would like to hear from you all.