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Hello, everyone. I'm new to this website. I have been trying to talk to someone without people knowing what was going on. My OS was talking about a business venture but didn't have the funds to follow through. OS knows nothing about running a business, but, thought it would be a great deal because, in his eyes, he knows everything. I've asked questions regarding the start-up costs, expenses, inventory, etc. He got upset and told me that I knew nothing about running a business. I suggested that he should work at the restaurant for at least 6 months to learn the ins and outs of the business. He thought that was a horrible idea.
Because none of my suggestions were considered, I decided not to help my OS with the funds to take over the business (because I don't know anything about the business, nor the place). I am at retirement age; therefore, all the money that I have is all I have. He was wanting $70,000 to pay off the business and its entirety (excluding the building and land).
Each time I have tried to speak to him, I only get a 'grunt.' He didn't even call me for my birthday. He told some people that parents are supposed to support their children in any endeavor they choose.
IMO, this generation is all about 'entitlement.' Do I owe my OS anything? I'm so sick of the manipulation. He lives with his dad. I don't visit anymore because I'm given the cold shoulder. I've tried talking to him; but, I get no answer. I have given up. Am I wrong? Please help me understand.

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