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  Thank you for your input.
 I dropped my grandson's birthday card of tonight and was told bt my SIL that come December 26th they are moving out of state.
 Atleast I got to see my 3 grandboys for a few moments. I fell a bit numb right now---

     I called my middle grandson on Friday to wish him happy birthday and see when was a good time to see him. He just turned 11. My 12 year old grandson was in the back ground letting him know tomorrow wasn't good because his party started at 4pm and they would be leaving at 8am in the morning for the day. This just burned through my soul.
 My daughter and I are more or less astranged (unless she wants or needs something) She's grandma's "Golden Child"
  My mother and I haven't spoken in 5 years. I grew tired of her constant slander of me and decided her negative impact was too much to bare. I did some deep studing on our relationship and she fell into the patterns of a narcissist ( possibly sociopath)
 I have no regrets letting her go.
 My daughter has treated me poorly for the past 9 yrs. She will, on very rare occasions, invite me to a family function as long as my mom's not going to be attending. This hurt for a log time now not so much. I just want to see my grandchildren and not have them resent me for not being there. This is hard to do when you know of nothing that is going on in their lives. My daughter and her husband are good parents and the boys are kept busy with sports and school. I have no idea when they are available.and my daughter hardly answers my calls. I'm at the verge of giving up.

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