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Thank you all. I believe he is trying to “ save face the few times we have spoken I've  gotten a run down on how great his life is..
I think he wants me to be proud of him.
I come from a broken home myself and have always battled to have a good relationship with my kids. I still have 5 kids at home plus two grandchildren, so me time is nonexistent! I struggle when people say..
Do what makes you happy.. truth is I've never done ME  stuff, I have no idea what that is! As the kids get older and need less of me, I find myself asking.. is this all there is? Did I give my ALL, for this?? Who am I?? I think of all my hopes and dreams I put on hold to make their dreams come true, only to have my “ golden child act like I don't exist... I truly had romantic thoughts of when my children grew up. I've spent so many years raising them, now I need to raise myself. Where do I begin? And with my son.. do I continue to reach out or wait for him to come around??

In June after a pretty heated fight.. I told my 19 year old son to get out.
He did. Moved in with a friend and his family. He has only came around a couple of times and flat out ignores me. I've reached out several times and ask that we talk.. generally with no response. I am heartbroken. How do I repair this, or at least keep my sanity?? We have always had a pretty close relationship, I truly cannot believe that our relationship would end like this. I am very lost and have no idea what to do. Please help.

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