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Thanks for your comments.
When young I read that you want to marry a man who is good to his mother because that man will also be good to his wife.  Maybe maturity is needed for the DIL to realize that fact.  I have been in the middle of this disappointing relationship too long to think it will be turned around. 
Only jealousy can explain my daughter in law. I feel sorry for her because all I have ever done is want to help her and my son.   I have never interfered in their lives.  Could be the difference in their backgrounds is causing them tension and when I visit she sees me as his ally.
Anyway...she has to order the household around, including him or prepare for a vicious verbal attack....
I learned long ago to keep my mouth shut around her...not for her...but for my son because her outbursts really bother him. 
Guess I just was driven over the edge when my grand daughter let slip things that DIL had said to her about me.