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I just became a grandma in November. As I traveled to see my daughter and new grandson, the other grandmother went too. Sure enough I spent more time with the dog then I did with my grandson. She hogged him the entire time.
I was only able to stay 6 days which is long enough but she stayed 12 days. My SIL'S mother is very controlling and demanding of her son. He is a momma's boy.
It all began when my daughter got engaged. She is in the Military so she lives out of state. I was heartbroken when MIL ( while down visiting) went with her to pick out the wedding gown as they snap chatted me. It wasn't the same and I was hurt. Shopping for a wedding gown is a sacred event shared with mom and daughter. I have thought of this day ever since she was a little girl. This woman stole that from me.
She took over the bridal shower, wedding, baby shower. She of course wanted my money for the bridal shower but I didn't get to plan anything.
I am so hurt and jealous. I feel she has taken my first born daughter. I am a single mom and still have a 14 year old daughter at home.
They just arrived here yesterday for Christmas and I haven't seen them yet. They are staying with his parents as they always do. The house is bigger, closer to Florida then my home or her dads. We get scraps and even when I told her this baby is a (my maiden name) too and I feared he wouldn't know me, she just thought I was being ridiculous.
They are here seven days and I will see them Christmas Eve for a few hours and maybe one other day but I'll have to drive to her which is an hour drive. She cant go anywhere per the Military's strict rules because of covid.
I really don't want to sit in the MIL'S house.
I just don't know how to deal with this. My youngest feels pushed aside as well. She has cried and cried over her sister never calling or texting.
It hurts so bad that MIL is getting all this baby time while I sit at home. I feel like the only reason they are coming Christmas Eve is to collect their gifts.