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How the system works

Started by Nana, August 30, 2010, 01:19:46 am

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Just want to vent with you what I went through this last Friday.

My 4-year grandson goes to a school in Mexico (border to US).  He is an American Citizen but they are living in Mexico.  So I get to babysit him on Fridays.  When I was suppose to pick him at school at 12 P.M. on my way I ran over a man on his motorcycle.  I immediately stop and fortunately the man was only hurt.  He had his leg fractured.  The police came and the ambulance took him to the hospital.  I called my husband and he had to cross the border and came to help me out.  The insurance company was advised and we assure the relatives of the victim that we would pay for everything and I asked him to forgive me for not seeing him and hitting him. 

So of course, I was taken to the police department for paperwork and all those procedures.  Little did I know that the laws had changed (two weeks ago) and that I was going to be deprived of my freedom.  They read my rights to remain silent.....and bla bla.  And so I was encarcelated.  We could not pay a bond (DONT KNOW WHY) or anything could be done.  I had a right to an attorney but in the mean time I was put in jail.  I remained encarcelated from 1 Pm to 12 a.m.  It was 120 degree AND NO AIR CONDITIONER so I was almost fainting there.  Noone could help me in an immediate way.  I was treated as a criminal.  My fingerprints were taken.  They checked me out physically.  I was behind bars and had no right to have anything to eat .  My husband knew a police there so she bought me a sandwihch.  The cell was filthy, vomited and you name it.  The person I hit had not pressed charged against me.    I couldnt understand what was happening.  After they were able to take me out I was in a newvous breakdown.  I was brought home and had to drink medicine to calm  me down.  I couldnt stop crying and shivering.  I was dehidrated.  I slept since until this Sunday at 9PM. 

aLL THIS HAPPENED to me because I has the misfortune of having an accident.  I cannot digest all this that has happened.  I really feel that I cannot be the same person ever after all that was done to me.  I cannot describe everything that happened to me there.  I just feel that I dont want to be a good person anymore.  I feel I want to get back to all this people who were "just doing their work".  I am angry...very angry....How can people make you lose your dignity just over an accident that wasnt a very serious one. 

I have not been able to laugh or smile....after all these.  My family supports me but they just want me to put all this behind as if nothing had happened.  It did affected me tremendously.  All the time I was sleeping I had nightmares.  I cant think in anything else.

Okey Ladies I vent......forgive me all my bitterness....dont even reply to this post.  Just needed to vent with someone that is not family.   

Life is not fair....you bet!  All those criminals in the streets  and there I was .

Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove: