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Somebody is finally getting trained and it isn't me!

Started by Orly, July 27, 2010, 11:13:24 pm

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Well ladies, it has been some time since I posted I was getting a puppy.  I thought I'd post about her, for a light hearted change of pace.

She is now 7 months old and has finally reached a point where I took her on her first walk around the neighborhood.  We had a bit of confusion about her place in the scheme of things (at my left, two paces behind) starting across the lawn....that got sorted out by the time we were even with the mailbox.  She did well crossing the street until she saw the fire hydrant and thought she had to bark at it....we kept moving.  Halfway down the block, she fell into the groove and found out she had to walk with me, at my pace, without getting to sniff all and sundry.  She barked at a passing car...learned she was going to be corrected, so the next one that passed was ignored.  I did cut her some slack for this first walk, we went at 10:30p.m. so she didn't have to contend with alot of distractions and it was a bit cooler.  It looks promising....I hope her progress stays this up-beat.  (On a side note, her littermate who lives next door, has learned when he sneaks out their door to come to MY front door.   They have a joyous reunion of slobbering and tussling for about 30minutes...then he gets dragged back home.)

I'm still trying to make her understand how the backyard weeding needs to go.  When I bend over to pull them, she doesn't get to stand on my back and kiss my ear while I do.  Nor does she get to bump my nose and slobber on me from the front.   This we are still working hard at....she just keeps insisting we HAVE to do it her way.

I hope everyone gets some laughs out of my trials of dog training. 


hey Orly, not only great to see you, but thanks so much for the smiles...
Hope all is going well with you...I've missed you a lot!

boy oh boy, these doggies really grab our hearts don't they....?
wishing you all the best with her...they give us so much joy, even though there are times when we say to ourselves..."now, why did I do this"? 

Hugs and love


We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. -
Joseph Campbell


I think it's going to be a struggle to train her out of the "help" while weeding, lol, because the power of cute so easily prevails.  :)  Thanks for the laugh.
This too shall pass.  All is well.


We can always count on you to keep things interesting.  It's so good to hear from you!   :) ;D 8)


Great post, Orly, but what kind of puppy, or did I miss something?



Mini-Schnauzer, who also likes to think of herself as an in-door track runner.   Runs laps around the living room, kitchen, couches, chairs and then ends with a big finale of running across the back of the couch and LEAPING into my lap from two feet away.  OOOF!


Schnauzers are fantastic.  I met a full-size big grey one and he was amazing.  So intelligent.  No wonder she hangs around the
garden with you; soon she'll be planting seeds.  Or writing novels,



Ok, just a silly, little update on the gardening.  The dog has finally stopped leaping on my back when I weed.  She isn't standing around giving me slobbery kisses.  She has discovered "HEY! Mom has loosened the soil just right for digging!"  So she NOW gets between my feet and digs for all she is worth ....thankfully, the dirt is flying behind me and not in front of me.  Then, when she gets too hot, she has discovered my rear end makes a great sun shade.

Oh the shame of it....a parasol patootie!


LOL....your a hoot....thanks for the update...
those fur persons really make our lives happier...don't they....
glad all is going well with her Orly....