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Saying I love you

Started by barelythere, August 04, 2010, 11:17:09 am

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August 04, 2010, 11:17:09 am Last Edit: August 05, 2010, 04:05:51 pm by barelythere
Cremebrulet, I wanted to say I love you for always trying to see the right in people, no matter who is ganging up on who, you look for the good in them.  I love you for that.

Pen, I want to tell you I love you too.  You say, in a few short sentences something positive and usually something funny too.  I love you for that.

Red Rose, I want to tell you I love you too.  A true friend, I can tell.  One who never wavers in your support for someone you care about.

Faith, I love you for your kind and thoughtful, loving responses to people.  It's priceless.

Kathleen, I love you and your beautiful words. The way you have of expressing yourself is great.  I love that.

Keys Girl, I love you for talking so brilliantly and with such strength.  You give me strength!  You're a dose of medicine for me.

Anna, sweet lady, I love you!  I love your tender heart and your loving ways. Love always wins.

Hope, how could I forget you? Always positive and loving.  I love you, Hope. 

I want to add to this post.  Some others here are so good and such treasures that it's hard to remember all of them......


OMG, What a nice thing to say and do...just wanted to say thank you and big hugs for your kindness...also, I love you for your desire to bring peace to the world....for considering both sides....you are wonderfully thoughtful and kindhearted.....

Thank you! 

I would like to thank Luise, for her kindness, and taking time from her busy schedule, enduring all that she does, and still manages to give to us...Luise, thank you for your kind heart and soul....I love you

Would like to thank Oley, while she's not in her much when she does come in, she says so very much in such a short paragraph, wish I could do that, and heaven knows, those who do take time to read my posts, probably wish the same....Orley, I love youl....

Would like to thank Red Rose and Hope, b/c they are so caring about others, they're love for people shows.  I love you both...

Would like to thank all the DIL's in here for they're input....for they're do diligence, and for what they offer...I mean it....you've helped me so much...thank you

Would like to say to everyone, I love you for the who of who you are....you MIL's have been quit inspirational even when you didn't realize it...thank you always for sharing....


Anna, yes you are a very lucky person having a spouse that loves you and likes to spend time with you......sometimes we cant have everything but what we do have is a big deal.    Things will get better wih dil....you'll see.   I do things that good things will happen to good people ..eventually....haha

Hugs for you and have fun.

Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove:


Quote from: Anna on August 05, 2010, 03:11:05 pm
I have been quiet, a lot going on lately.  Took a vacation with my dear hubby just to get away from it all, just got back last week, & leaving tomorrow (my birthday) for a three day weekend with dear hubby again.  So much going on here, trying to catch up, & break away from my son and his family a little.  Hurts to know dil doesn't want us in her life too much, but that is how she feels, so trying to give them space, to back off, & my hubby is more than willing to spend tme, just the two of us.  Lucky, lucky me to have him.  Hugs to you barelythere,  Anna.  :)

Happy Happy Birthday
Hope you have a wonderful vacation, and Anna, I'm very very proud of you for trying....whooo hoooooo!!!!  Good for you...your husband deserves you now...both you and he put yourselves aside while raising your kids, now it's time for the two of you to have quality time together.

Think of this as just another NEW phase in your life, and it can be a very good one, you get to date your husband again....if I were you, and I had a great man like that, I would do everything I could to whoo him again, nail appointments, work outs at the gym, book clubs....hair change, some new clothes...and plan something every month special for just you and he....it can be so good....your very very lucky....

Happy Happy Birthday.....



Happy birthday Anna, enjoy your mini vacation, you deserve it!