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Letting go of the hurt

Started by SunnyDays09, August 26, 2009, 01:30:39 pm

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I'll write later......got to run....


mmmmm, that casserole sounds mighty yummy too.  Pm the recipe?  I totally understand if it is a "family" secret.  But hey - we iz teh twins!!  lol


Maybe we should just all get together for the holiday, what say?  ;D

This year my youngest (h.s. senior, age 18) wants to spend Thanksgiving with his gf (only 3 hours away, her family has invited me, but I have my aging mother).    My 2nd son and his wife (1 hour away) I am sure will be too busy.  My 1st son and wife and far far away. 

When I was a single mother and it was my boys' holiday with their dads, I used to have no problem finding fun and enjoyable things to do on the holidays.  I know I will this year -- I just have to work at not falling in to the Rockwell / Hallmark myth that everyone we see is having a joyous holiday.

Ha ha, one of my friends told me about a televison show where the son was whining about having to go to the relative's for Thanksgiving -- he wanted to spend it at home and have his own friends over.  The father frowned and said something like, "You can't do that.  This is a special season, the holidays -- we don't spend them with people we love, it's a time to spend with Family!" 

Made me laugh! 


Thanks Tam.  Got to make that.  It sounds way yummy!!

  AnnieB:  would everyone meet centrally?  Where? 
I am near Great Lakes.  Luise is Washington.

As for bringing the dil - I'll just bring my dd and pretend? 


Well, the whole point is to just bring ourselves, lol....

  is Kansas central to everyone, lol?


Never been there!  But works for me.  ROAD TRIP!!!   


AnnieB - I'm in the same boat, we used to have huge family gatherings for the holidays.  But now we have really no one to spend them with.  I guess unless I spend it with people who don't like me.