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Daughter wants me to move out

Started by Maymay941, October 13, 2019, 07:12:58 PM

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Hello, please no sweeping platitudes.
I am virtually  without desire to live unhappily having experienced happiness. Im at a brick wall.
I was a single mother left a 2nd husband who became abusive for the betterment  of my children. I coached my daughter daily to get  her through  college  and  moved to help caretake my elderly, self centered  sick mother after my daughter  married and moved. Both my children  are successful in careers and my daughter had an abusive mentally ill husband  who finally left her so i flew monthly from Florida to NC to help her and her 2 year old daughter  who was a mess.
Caring for my family is the only thing that has kept me alive.
A year after my mom died the most miserable  lonely year. Very limited finances, my son moved me to NC to live for awhile  with my daughter and grand daughter.
They have been happy,  we live in harmony and laugh and have a nice life and i am 24 hours a day able to do childcare so my daughter  has been able to work her career, go out, date join a gym.  I took them on an expensive  vacation  this summer.
Now she says she wants to move out and leave me renting  her townhouse she wants a bigger more expensive  home with a yard.
I live in a tiny bedroom  with my belongings, the whole house is hers. i helped to buy it originally. I have bought furniture  for  her. I do housework. I am permanently  injured so walk with a walker at 63 and am limited somewhat.
My grand daughter and i cried when she said this idea because  we are HAPPY and things mean nothing .
I am goungbto have to find out what  is motivating  her because i dont have motivation  to live if im not valued in my role.


Dear M, The tone of your post both in telling us what we can write and not write and your last statement..."I don't have the motivation to live if I am not valued in my role." indicate that your needs go beyond what we offer on my Website. There are no professionals here to deal with your issues and attitude. In such situations, we suggest one-on-one counseling and sincerely wish you well. Blessings, Luise
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama