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I don’t know how to help my 15 yr old daughter

Started by Worriedmom, May 28, 2018, 02:43:06 pm

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My 15yr old daughter is in an online relationship with another girl who is 17. This girl cuts herself bounces back from parent to parent and has admitted mental issues. My daughter has become addicted to talking to her online and feels like she can't not talk to her or the girl will harm herself. My daughter has gone from a B student to a failing student because her whole school day is occupied with talking to this girl. My daughter also stays up all night to talk with her and they go 48hrs with no sleep. My daughters behaviour started to change and has become violent and angry with us. I had to start monitoring their conversations and this girl has started to turn our daughter against us, telling her that things we do and say are abusive and trying trying to convince her to runaway and be with her, my daughter actually tried to do this and we had to call the police and things just got worse. We have had calls to the police and children's aid by this girl saying we are abusing our daughter and holding her against her will. She is now guiding my daughter to make a case against us so she can be removed from the home and they can be together. We have started family counseling but nothing is bringing us back together as a family this relationship has been going on 2 ya and I do t see it ending any time soon. I feel she is being brainwashed and there is nothing we can do to help her. We have contacted the police, our dr. The school and it seems that we have no way to help her. My biggest concern is that she will be 16 soon and she can just leave if she wants to. I have lost all hope that we can help her and desperately need some advice or if there is something that we are doing wrong or need to be doing


Dear W., No one here is a trained counselor. When someone has a serious situation such as you have described...there's a strong chance that there is the need for professional help. For that reason, I'm closing your thread and sending you my deep concern and hugs as you seek the support needed. By posting here, you have everyone on WWU rooting for you. Good luck!
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