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Facing Huge Loss

Started by MrsGinger, May 02, 2018, 01:28:12 am

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 :-X Reading this has somewhat helped me with the situation I am in.. Letting go is the hardest as he is my youngest son at age 29... He has been there for me through thick and thin, Up until he married his second wife. Now it's just sad how he treats me and talks to me. I know I have got to let go... The hardest part for me is not being allowed to see my 5 grandchildren that he has. Thank you all for having the courage to post on here, It really does help.


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Yes, what you are up against is familiar to me and my heart goes out to you. After that happened to me, my grandson did decide to have a relationship with me as an adult and it's been wonderful!
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Frustrated Oma

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I am sorry you are going through this as I have recently experienced the same.  My DS of the same age always showed me love and respect until he married my DIL.  The separation grew even worse when they had their first child, my first GC 6 months ago.  I tried to express my feelings of loss to him which only blew up in my face.  With the support of these lovely ladies I have been able to get my feelings in a better place. At first I couldn't bear the thought of separation from him but I have come to find that absence is the best medicine.  It keeps me from having expectations and the impending disappointment that comes with it.  Take a breather from the situation.  It will help.  Good luck, sending you hugs.