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Disrespectful AD and grandmother telling her to undermine me

Started by Nike38, April 12, 2018, 09:49:17 pm

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Hello everyone. I need help. I am 38 year old parent of 2. 19 yr old girl 12 year old boy. I live with my mom due to an accident i had 3 years ago and am awaiting settlement to get back on feet. Since i moved back in with my mom, she has constantly told my daughter she doesn't have to do what i say. Since my daughter has turned 18, she talks to me any kind of way and my mom always takes her side no matter how disrespectful she is being to me. I have threatened to put her out but my mom tells her this is her house and she's not gonna allow me to do that. Now my daughter is telling my son that he doesn't have to listen to me and trying to manipulate him to go against me and listen to Grandma instead. I have begged, pleaded, demanded both my mom and daughter to stop this behavior. Nothing is working. I have talked to my son and thank God he listens to me and knows that i have the last say in what he does. I told my daughter my son couldn't have a cell phone and she went out and bought him one anyways. Her response was, it's done now. Then she told my son that i was evil and just didn't want him to have anything. My mom seconded what my daughter was saying. I don't know what to do anymore but she has crossed the line thinking that she can tell my son what to do. She says that i abuse my authority as a parent by giving the explanation of because i said so. It's taking everything i have not to choked the life out of my child for being disrespectful and trying to pursuance her brother to do the same. Please help me!


Hello, N. This Website has no professionals. My sense is that your situation is extreme and the kind of help you need comes from counseling. We send your our love and caring and wish you well. What we can't do is offer advice, only our experience.
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