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2017 Gratitude List

Started by luise.volta, December 31, 2017, 05:10:24 PM

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I've been thinking on New Years Ever of what I am grateful for that  2017 brought to me. I choose to stay where I am and not move into Seattle after being on the waiting list for a 12 months and making it to the top. A new cardiologist surfaced in my life, he is Kirk's doctor and finally I am on the meds I need for my heart and feel so much better. I made it through the first year without my beloved Paul and his daughter became part of my 'clan'. I had my 90th birthday and chose to stay at home with said clan, my son and seven heart-daughters. It was a fabulous party. Two, new, outstanding moderators joined me on Wise Women Unite to back me up and be ready to take over when needed. And I have continued to find aging to be an adventure...bringing its own variety of expansion.

OK, 2018! Bring it on!

Hugs to all...
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama


Hooray for you with your new cardiologist and meds, Luise!  So happy for you and all those whose lives you've touched and continue to touch, including mine!

Hubby and I shared the highlights of 2017, and at the top of our list is that our daughter is free of her old BF and all the trouble he was causing after four long years.  Her life and our relationship with her seem so much better. 

Warm wishes to all of you in the new year  :D