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Happy Holidays!

Started by luise.volta, December 23, 2017, 12:04:45 PM

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December 23, 2017, 12:04:45 PM Last Edit: December 23, 2017, 12:07:50 PM by luise.volta
     To all of you, have a great holiday season! Mine involves a Christmas dinner that my DIL, who lives 50 miles from here, is preparing and bringing up to me at the Warm Beach Retirement Center on Christmas Day. I tire when going out, so she is bringing dinner to me...home cooked! I have a neighbor who was going to be alone on Christmas, so she is coming over to join us. And of course my beloved son, our Webmaster, Kirk, will be here, too!
     I would love to hear what each of you has planned, if you have time off from work. We are such a diverse group that there's probably a lot to share.
     Holiday Hugs to All!

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Hello Luise and WWU members,
It's good to hear your DIL is so considerate and that you will be surrounded by cherished people, Luise.  My husband, son and I are celebrating with my husband's small family about five hours from home.  My daughter and her new BF both have to work so we will have a separate gathering with them after we get back home.  Feeling very thankful!  Enjoy your holidays, everyone!


Great to hear from you, Bamboo. Have a wonderful time!
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Happy holidays to all!

Our relatives live far away, so as usual just our immediate family will be here on Christmas Day (DDD, DS, DIL, DH & me.) Pretty low key around here. Sometimes I feel sorry for myself (pity party alert!) not having a social whirl or heaps of family around, but honestly I like being able to relax & be lazy instead  ;-)

This will probably be the last Christmas gathering in our home, since next year we'll have a GC learning to walk - easier for us to go to DS's family than for them to come to us. I suppose I should be going all out to make this Christmas extra special but I'm enjoying  just hanging out w/DH  :) We've been baking & cooking a few special things, did some decorating, so it's all fine.

May we all have a happy, fulfilling, joyous New Year filled with love, peace & continued growth. Much love to my WWU friends, & thank you to Luise & Kirk for bringing us all together!
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Love your news, Pen! A GC can be a many-splendored thing. I find it hard to believe that my Great Grand Daughter is 23! Happy Holidays!
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not like the movies

Merry Christmas Eve. I am spending a wonderfully quiet evening with my DH. We watched the Grinch with Jim Cary and laughed until our sides hurt. Tomorrow is full on family day at my brothers home. We passed the last two years. 2015 we were traveling for a year on the road with our RV unit. In 2016 after returning home we downsized to what we call our "fort". We stayed home last year and enjoyed the quiet peaceful setting. We had a lot of snow and it was gorgeous. We live in North Idaho in a forest area. We just could not part with the tranquil scenery we had just moved into. After two years of non traditional Christmas, tomorrow we are going with tradition. I am already tired thinking about it and cooking the dishes was I asked to bring. Which got me thinking....I remember when my parents were in their 60's the adult children in the family had taken over. The elders just showed up and enjoyed the day. They were not required to bring a thing. They had paid their dues. Seems things have changed. 2018 may be a return to non traditional Christmas again. Have a wonderful day however you spend it.
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Thank you so much, Just Like! I love the picture I have conjured up of you in your woods. Even though I live in a 50-year-old retirement center...we have 90 acres of huge evergreens over 110 ft. tall, eagles, coytoes, bears, raccoons and lots more in the woods around us. We are on a salt-water bluff where the air is fresh, the quiet is soothing and we don't have to lock our doors at night. And as I wrote...my DIL is bringing Christmas dinner! You're right, we did our time and did it well! Hugs...
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