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Leaving AC out of the will

Started by kate123, July 16, 2017, 11:09:03 am

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Just an FYI-I saw a few 'will' topics and just thought I would share what my lawyer told me ( in case someone does not know this). If you want to 'exclude' a child from your will you should actually include them but only give a insignificant amount, like $100.00. That way it is clear that you do not want them to have a portion of the bulk of the estate. By not mentioning them at all, it can be contested that you forgot to include them (the senile accusation), or it was a clerical error.


That's very interesting to me - I'm considering leaving my estate to medical research and something to my niece and nephews.  Thank you for the info.  I'll be sure to leave a "something" to my son.